Learning and Ideas for Tibet

Learning and Ideas for TibetLearning and Ideas for Tibet (LIT) is NGO focused on adult education in Dharamsala, North India. LIT provides Free Education and Health Care  to Tibetan Refugees to help eradicate poverty and illiteracy amongst the Tibetan population.

Volunteers are always welcome.

LIT’s mission

Through a range of free-from-charge daily classes,

LIT aims to provide:

  1. Free education to disenfranchised Tibetan refugees and local members of the community.
  2. Financial aid to under-privileged Tibetan refugees.
  3. A platform for the local and international community to discuss and address issues affecting the local Tibetan community to allow for positive changes to be made at a grassroots level.
  4. Employment opportunities to the local community.
  5. Tibetan refugees with access to health care services.

“Keeping the Tibetan Flame LIT”

“Keeping the Tibetan Flame LIT”


Sponsor a Tibetan child’s education – You can transform a child’s life!

My name is Sonam Dorjee and I came from Tibet in 1998 from  (Tibet).Currently I am working in Kathmandu (Nepal) in a carpet factory and my wife is looking after our two daughters, Tenzin Dolkar and Tenzin Yangdol; wh are turning 6 and 4 respectively.

As a father, it’s my responsibility to provide them a good education but as a carpet worker, I don’t have such a huge salary, just enough to buy a monthly food and to pay house rent. Right now, I sent my daughters to nearby school and to manage the school fee, I do extra work in carpet factory on Saturday. However this will not last long as each passing years means, their grade will climb up and which ultimately means more expenses. Which I couldn’t able to effort therefore I would like to request you to help me to continue my daughters education.$1 per will be very helpful.Thank you.

Please CLICK HERE to contact us at LIT if you want to support Sonam Dorjee

with the education of his daughters Tenzin Dolkar and Tenzin Yangdol.


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