Students’ Works

Tashi Delek “Dharma-Sala”
By Luang Pee Nop Theerawaro

Good morning Dharamshala,
Good meaning Dharma-sala.
Dharma of Buddha,
His Holiness’s Dharma.

Sala: a large room, important hall,
OMG! Important hall is the lord of Buddha hall.
A large number of monks there
Lama monks, Tibetan all.

All smiling
All greeting
“Tashi Delek”
Sunday morning

McleodGanj “Tashi Delek”
Temple road “Tashi Delek”
Jogiwara “Tashi Delek”
“May many good things come to you”
Meaning of “Tashi Delek”

Since I have been in this hall
Many good things has come to me.
I have met Buddha in Dalai Lama
Buddha in friends, Buddha in company.

Holy feeling has come to me.
I feel safe in this hall,
Even big mountains but close up to other.
Happiness is not far, can see it more and more.

I have a sense of happiness
Happiness has come to my eye
Little Tibet, Little Buddha
Happiness in Buddha mind.

Every day I come to my teacher
English teaching on small cushion
Raise his hand, bow down volunteer
Hum ha… halloo Eng. Poem lessons.

I’ve sung follow advice poetic soul
Ha ha hum… hum… halloo… hallow
We find oneself from Eng. Poem
Language improve by poetic soul

Your soul, my soul, our soul, one soul.
One sense world soul his happiness
Mind addresses calm clean clear soul
Hum… holy here! Whole expresses.

The Prince of Drum Voice.
By Luang Pee Long

Once upon a time, In a city called Drum Shalala, there was a very wise king who wanted to test men to find a suitable son-in-law for his daughter. The king has provided a test ability at Main Square with a large drum then declared that any men who could drum with a Katak cloth loudly enough for the palace to hear, that man would be married a daughter.
Main Square was far away from the palace about 3 kilometers. Time passed 10 days, no man could beat a drum to the palace at all.

One day a man named Elin. He drummed to the palace. The king heard so came and saw by himself. Then found out what Elin used it, not Katak cloth. But it was a log. So the king declared that. “Now I will have a son-in-law named Elin.”

Tashi Delek, L.I.T
By Ashin Nareinda.

Tashi Delek, my dear L.I.T
As you know, I am Nareinda from Myanmar, coming to study English here.
First, I would like to say “Thank you very much” to all the volunteers
I am sure that you (L.I.T) are a meeting point where all colorful students from different countries are coming to learn. It is a great privilege to make friends with them. It is a moment but sweet, I will never forget such a wonderful moment with you all.
I am really happy learning here with you all and the volunteers teachers are excellent and very helpful to all of us to improve our language skills. I meet different volunteers and get much more knowledge and teaching methods. Dear L.I.T, I have learned a lot from you.
I become more confident with speaking and writing English during my time at L.I.T
Finally, my hearty wish for you all is that Dear L.I.T. You can go on carrying on your good performance continuously for the better future of your community.
A big thank for everything. Again thanks for Tsampa, Tibetan traditional stable foods.

I’m afraid of snake.
By Phramaha Suwit

At midnight when I was watching TV shows, I heard a scared voice of a cat. I went to see the cat. I am shocked and frightened because I saw a big snake. It was eating the cat. I didn’t know what to do. I went back to my room. I came to see the snake again. It finished eating the cat and started looking for another cat. I think that it will eat me.
I ran to my room and called 191. The police sent security to help me. They caught the big snake and took it to the forest. I and my other cats were safe and sound.
This was the most horrible moment in my life.

My Story
By Phramaha Suwit

My name is Phramaha Suwit. I am 31 years old. I am a Thai monk. I came from Thailand. I have been living at the Dharamshala monastery. I came here to study English because I would like to teach Dharma-Buddha’s teaching and meditation in English. So English is very important to me. I study at L.I.T. I am so lucky to have a good teacher, nice friends and interesting English lessons. My teacher’s name is Nithin. He is a very good teacher. He encourages me to speak English confidently and supports me to ask questions. I have to thank my teacher and friends for giving me the best memories. Thank you very much.

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