LIT is expanding

Due to the large numbers of students attending LIT and with the help of donations from our supporters, we are expanding the centre to include the adjacent three rooms across from LIT. So you will be happy to know the kitchen is moving outside and there will no longer be smoke in the centre during the movie evenings.

This will also enable us to increase our classes to hopefully include a much needed computer class and health care program (funding permitted).

Computer Project

IMG_5970One of the major social services LIT is trying to address is the lack of computer skills amongst our students. With today’s recent technological revolution, basic computer skills are necessary in daily life and employment. However, as many of our students were nomads, monks and farmers, they do not know who to do simple tasks on a computer such as open an email account, reply to emails and use Microsoft office.

Recently we have been trying to raise funds for our computer project. So far we have been able to purchase six computers with these funds and hire the additional room to conduct these classes.

Health Care Project

We are also trying to eradicate health problems in the local community. Due to the lack of awareness about sanitation, hygiene, water contamination and sexually transmitted diseases, there are a number of easily preventable and treatable diseases affecting many of LIT’s students and the Tibetan community.

So we are establishing a health care project which will educate students about health care and test and treat students at risk of infections. We have already set up the foundations of the project, through educating, testing and treating our staff in November 2012.  Initially, the students were skeptical about the need for such tests, as they had little knowledge about general body examinations and would only attend hospitals/medical centers to treat specific ailments. Their lack of awareness indicated to us that this was a necessary project, as many were unaware about how diseases spread, especially STDs.

After a long education session between the hospital nurse and LIT staff, the staff agreed to the check up. From the six staff tested (four monks and two lay persons) four tested positive to helicobacter pylori, a stomach bacteria which can lead to stomach ulcers and cancer. One lay person tested positive to Hepitatis B. Three had never been immunized against Hepitatis, so we followed up with immunization injections and paid for the treatment of h.pylori.

Therefore, every Friday we are going to hold a two-hour health class run by a nurse from the hospital or similar health care specialist. Afterwards, we will ask students if they believe they are at risk of being infected and assist them in being tested and treated for diseases.

Many of our students are unemployed refugees with limited finances. If the student does not have the financial resources to have the check up, we will offer to pay for the test and treatment (if within our budget). We are hoping to start this health program when the centre re-opens in February 2013 but this is subject to funding.

Donantions needed for our Health Care Project

Initially, to begin the project we will need enough funds to test and treat at least twenty people. Each test and possible treatment costs approximately $30. This would not only help save the individual’s life but also prevent the further spread of these diseases to other members in the society.

So we are hoping that we could get your support. Any donation from as little as $2 would be greatly appreciated and any donation of $30 or more will go directly to help test and treat a student.

Over the giving period please help us give the gift of free education and health care.

To donate online or purchase a gift from our online store please go to our ‘Donation‘ page or ‘Merchandise‘ page.